Coal in Hong Kong – initial notes

HF: It was never mined here. So this article is an initial attempt to put together what little we have about importing coal and how it was used in Hong Kong: transport, manufacturing, utilities, shipping, domestically…can you add to this article? I have also included charcoal and for general interest information about and images of China and Taiwan/Formosa on these […]

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Japanese Radar Station On Tai Mo Shan

Tymon Mellor: At the end of the Second World War, the returning British forces found a Japanese radar station on the top of Tai Mo Shan. This discovery highlighted the technical strength of the Japanese military. The theory behind radar had been established in the 1920’s with developments in Britain, US, USSR and Japan. However, whereas the British and Americans military […]

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Kwong Sang Engineering (廣生機器廠)

Kwong Sang Engineering Detail C Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kwong Sang Engineering (廣生機器廠) Left: Kwong Sang Engineering founder Ng Kai-lau (HK Pun U District Association, 1955); Right: Family of Kwong Sang founder Ng Kai-lau welcoming his fifth son Chung-yau (triangle) back from studies in the US in 1961. (KSDN, 1961-7-7)  Kwong Sang Engineering was one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of ship machinery in Hong Kong […]

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Rat bins – HK Electric/Gas connection and to a colloquial Cantonese “affectionate” term

IDJ sent the English version  of what the piece calls Rat Boxes. Mak Ho Yin has kindly translated it. 「香港電燈公司和煤氣公司與老鼠箱關係密切,因為老鼠箱是掛在電燈柱上的。由於華人極為抗拒(滅鼠人員)進入私人住宅,政府於是鼓勵華人在殺死家中的老鼠後,將鼠屍放在就近的老鼠箱內,由衛生部門職員每日收集清理。快3吧-官网开户老鼠箱掛在電燈柱一景,還衍生了一句香港獨有的俗語「電燈柱掛老鼠箱」,以形容夫妻二人中丈夫瘦削兼且二人身高矮懸殊。」 Ho Yin continues: This paragraph raised my curiosity on the topic of rat bins so apart from translating it I also did a quick check about its history. I have no memory of seeing them hanging at lamp-posts, and I […]

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The Chan Family of Sun Wui and the Entertainment Business in HK and Macau

The Chan Family Of Sun Wui Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: The Chan Family of Sun Wui and the Entertainment Business in HK and Macau Natives of Sun Wui in Guangdong province, the family of Chan Wai-ting has been involved in the entertainment business in Hong Kong and Macau for close to a century through the operations of at least five movie theaters, the Kai Tak Amusement Park covered […]

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Kau Shat Wan 狗虱灣 , Lantau Island – government explosives depot

The history of explosive storage in Hong Kong is an interesting one. The earliest location appears to have been Magazine Island, originally named One Tree Island, which lies just to the West of Aberdeen Harbour.  From 1887 to 1908 it was leased for an annual rent of $100, by the Nobel Explosives Company, who built a magazine, a road and […]

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Mixing Concrete and Construction Equipment with Cantonese Opera and Wing Chun: the Wan family of Wai Hing and Modern

The Wan Family Of Wai Hing And Modern Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Mixing Concrete and Construction Equipment with Cantonese Opera and Wing Chun: the Wan family of Wai Hing and Modern For over six decades, the family of Wan Wai-yin has been supporting the construction industry in HK and beyond by supplying building materials and equipment such as concrete, timber, scaffolding and elevation platforms through various Wai Hing and the […]

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Lun Sang & Co (聯星建築) and The Pressure Piling Co (HK) Ltd (香港壓力打樁)

Lun Sang & Co Detail B Image 2 York Lo

York Lo: Lun Sang & Co (聯星建築) and The Pressure Piling Co (HK) Ltd (香港壓力打樁) Left: Lun Sang & Co founder Henry Luk Hing-yao (the spelling in the Chinese and English caption are inaccurate, a mix-up with the Malaysian Chinese millionaire/philanthropist Loke Yew); Center: ad for for Lun Sang and its affiliate Pressure Piling; Right: Luk Ping-sheung, second generation leader […]

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Thomas De La Rue and Co, UK – Hong Kong banknote manufacturer, 1984-1996

De La Rue plc is a banknote manufacturer, security printing, and papermaking company with headquarters in Basingstoke Hampshire, England. It currently also has a factory on the Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, and other facilities at Loughton, Essex and Bathford, Somerset all also in England. From 1984 to 1996 Thomas De La Rue plc operated a HK banknote printing plant in […]

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Luks Industrial (陸氏實業) – Maker of Etron TV

Luks Industrial Detail Image 1York Lo

York Lo: Luks Industrial (陸氏實業) – Maker of Etron TV Left: Luks founder Luk King-tin (Capital, 1990); Right: logo of Etron TV from a 1988 TV ad in HK listing Luks as its manufacturer and Yin Kin Ltd as its distributors and being available in the Sheung Wan, Yaumatei and Mongkok branch of Wing On (VCRBase)  A history of television […]

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