Cross Harbour Tunnel proposed, construction engineering expert interviewed in 1947 newspaper article

Hong Kong Tunnel Article Detail HK Telegraph 25 Jan 1947 From IDJ

IDJ has kindly sent an article published in the The Hongkong Telegraph on 25th January 1947 on the subject of constructing a cross harbour tunnel. The first cross harbour tunnel linking Hong Kong Island and Kowloon was actually opened on 3rd August 1972, though there were proposals for a bridge pre-WW2, see articles linked below. HF: The copy IDJ sent […]

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On the slow boat – Sai Wan Ho, Kwun Tong, Sam Ka Tsuen ferries – part one..

HF:  I  was told many years ago that Hong Kong had the most ferry routes of any city in the world. And that Sydney was second and Seattle third. If that was true back in the 1980s it may not be so in 2014. During this period I have seen several routes vanish, including Jordan Road to Central, a wonderful […]

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Kwong Sang Engineering (廣生機器廠)

Kwong Sang Engineering Detail C Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Kwong Sang Engineering (廣生機器廠) Left: Kwong Sang Engineering founder Ng Kai-lau (HK Pun U District Association, 1955); Right: Family of Kwong Sang founder Ng Kai-lau welcoming his fifth son Chung-yau (triangle) back from studies in the US in 1961. (KSDN, 1961-7-7)  Kwong Sang Engineering was one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of ship machinery in Hong Kong […]

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Pioneer (派安): 60 years of Supplying Construction Materials in Hong Kong 

Pioneer 60 Years Of Supplying Construction Materials In Hong Kong Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Pioneer: 60 years of Supplying Construction Materials in Hong Kong Left: Ad for Pioneer Concrete in 1962 with picture of its production site in Hunghom (top) and construction site on Caernavon Road in Kowloon (bottom). (Wah Kiu Yat Po 1962-2-1); Right: Pioneer Concrete co-founder and longtime chief Sir Tristan Antico  Hong Kong residents often refer to the city […]

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Asphalt Companies in Hong Kong

HF: An SCMP article from September 2006 said “The city’s four dominant asphalt manufacturers are Pioneer Asphalts (Hong Kong), Anderson Asphalt, Asphalt Surfaces (International) and Tarmac Asphalt Hong Kong, and they produce about 1 million tonnes of asphalt a year… The four companies comprise the Asphalt and Macadam Association of Hong Kong.” Anderson Asphalt Ltd Anderson Asphalt Limited, a wholly owned […]

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Tak Chuen Distillery (德泉酒庄) and “Double Happiness” Wines

Tak Chuen Distillery Detail Image 3 York Lo

York Lo: Tak Chuen Distillery (德泉酒庄) and “Double Happiness” Wines  Left: Ko Ho-ning; Center: Close-up of Tak Chuen’s display at the 1954 (KSEN, 1954-1-13); Right: Yau Chi-ho, manager of Tak Chuen (HK Pun U District Association)  While the family of Ko Ho-ning (高可寧, 1878-1955) might be best known for their pawn shops, many properties, movie star daughters in law (Grace […]

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Dadabhoy Rustomjee Banaji and Maneckjee Rustomjee Banaji, the brothers behind the Canton and Hong Kong trading firm, D. & M. Rustomjee

Lin Zexu Supervising The Destruction Of Opium 1839 Source Unknown

HF: The following article about Dadabhoy Rustomjee Banaji and Maneckjee Rustomjee Banaji was written by Sooni Shroff-Gander and first published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. I have been […]

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Lau Shiu-yuen (劉紹源): Jeweler and Developer from the 1960s

Lau Shui Yuen, Jeweler And Developer Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Lau Shiu-yuen (劉紹源): Jeweler and Developer from the 1960s Left: Lau Shiu-yuen (WKYP, 1963-4-1); Right: advertorial for Man Hee Mansion developed by Lau Shiu-yuen in Wanchai in 1963 (WKYP, 1963-8-24)  In the 1960s, Lau Shiu-yuen was a major player in the jewelry business with three branches of his Mays Jewellers (美時珠寶) in prime locations in HK and Kowloon […]

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